The Vanguard Way

66 miles from the suburbs to the sea

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Although it is practical, at least for people living in the London area, to “commute” to the route by travelling out and back from home each day, the original idea was to tour along the route by stopping off each night.

When the Vanguards have organised their own tours along the route for club members, five or six days have been allowed.  It can certainly be done more quickly but there are many places of interest, and some excellent pubs - we hope that walkers will not rush blindly past them.

For those who wish to commute, there are quick and frequent connections by train or bus to most of the sectional break points and many other places along the route.  Those who prefer to stop off along the route have a good choice of accommodation within a mile or two.

Or, if you prefer a real challenge, how about completing the route in less than 10h 47m?  This is the fastest time we know about, achieved in 2013 by Jonny Muir.

To help plan your route, a comprehensive list of public transport, accommodation and refreshment facilities is provided in the free Vanguard Way Companion.

However you decide to tackle the Vanguard Way, we wish you good walking!

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