The Vanguard Way

66 miles from the suburbs to the sea

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Administration of the Vanguard Way is in the hands of the Vanguard Way Association, which consists of a committee elected each year.

To become a Member please contact:

We work with the four highway authorities along the route on matters concerning signage and obstructions of public rights of way.  See the Vanguard Way Companion for their details.

For enquiries about and comments on the route description and companion:

For matters concerning signage and condition of the route, stiles etc:

For certificates and badges:

For feedback or suggestions about the Vanguard Way PhotoGuide App (free on the Appstore/GooglePlay) :

For matters concerning the website: or

Or you can write to:
Colin Saunders
Vanguard Way Working Party
35 Gerrards Close
N14 4RH

2023 Colin Saunders