The Vanguard Way

66 miles from the suburbs to the sea

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When walking the Vanguard Way you will encounter many different direction signs, too many types to show you here!  To give you some idea of what you will see, here are four photographs:



Sign Colours

  •  You may wonder why there are so many different colour arrows. It’s because we have to comply with the standard practice adopted all over the country for arrows on public rights of way in the countryside:

  •  Yellow for footpaths (only those on foot).

  •  Blue for bridleways (for those on foot, bicycle or horseback).

  •  Black (added by us) for use when none of the above apply, such as roads, permissive paths (by agreement with the landowner) and open spaces with no right of way (although the public has access to them).

  •  In some places, where there’s already a suitable disc provided by the local authority, we just add our ‘VGW’ sticker.

  •  In urban areas, such as Croydon, Seaford and Newhaven, the local authority has provided larger metal fingers for the Vanguard Way.

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