The Vanguard Way

66 miles from the suburbs to the sea

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Learn something new every day
As you walk along the Vanguard Way!

The route description sections  include commentary on the places of interest that you pass.  People usually tell us that they prefer this to be separate from the actual route description, so we have put the commentary at the end of each section.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • Where is haunted by the ghost of a baker's boy

  • What's German for "wine is worth every penny"

  • What connects a stately home in Surrey with the White House in Washington DC

  • Where Winnie-the-Pooh was knighted by Christopher Robin

  • Where the ashes of actress Vivien Leigh are scattered

  • Who was mistaken for the notorious Hanging Judge

  • Who opened the Gates of Dawn

  • Whose fingerbone was taken from Sussex to France

  • The names of the Seven Sisters (or are they eight?)

If you would like to learn about the Flora, Fauna & Geology of the Vanguard Way Flora, Fauna & Geology.


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