The Vanguard Way

66 miles from the suburbs to the sea

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From this website you can print out free PDF files or save them to your computer.  You can also transfer them to a mobile reading device such as a Kindle or Sony e-Reader, though for best viewing you may need to convert them into a compatible format - refer to the device instructions.
If you plan to walk the Vanguard Way, you only need to print the route descriptions for each Section as and when needed.  To save paper, please read and refer to the Introduction and Companion on-screen.  We also suggest that you explore the options available on your printer: it may be possible to print double-sided and in booklet form, so squeezing 4 pages onto one sheet of A4 paper.
Please note that the four previous printed editions of our guidebook are no longer accurate and should not be used as a guide when walking.  You should also beware that guidebooks to the Vanguard Way produced by other publishers may be inaccurate or out of date and should be treated with caution.  We know of two: "The Wealdway & the Vanguard Way" by Kev Reynolds (Cicerone Press); and "Vanguard Way" by David Harrison (SB Publications). Bear in mind that you may need a waterproof cover.

It is very important that you go to the "Latest News" pages to find details of any alterations to the route and updates for any of the downloads listed below.


  An introduction to the route (6th edition, 2020).


  The Vanguard Way Companion, which tells you about public transport and where you can find refreshments, accommodation and many other useful facilities along the route (6th edition, 2019).



A map showing which Ordnance Survey maps are useful for walking the Vanguard Way.

Key Map

  Detailed North-South (1 to 10) (6th edition, 2019/2020) and South-North (A to K) (2nd edition 2017/2020) route directions including maps, and gpx files (2021), in ten easy sections.




gpx files

Section 1 / K - Croydon to Chelsham Common

Directions 1 Directions K gpx 1

Section 2 / J - Chelsham Common to Limpsfield Chart

Directions 2 Directions J gpx 2

Section 3 / H - Limpsfield Chart to Edenbridge

Directions 3 Directions H gpx 3

Section 4 / G - Edenbridge to Forest Row

Directions 4 Directions G gpx 4

Section 5 / F - Forest Row to Poundgate

Directions 5 Directions F gpx 5

Section 6 / E - Poundgate to Blackboys

Directions 6 Directions E gpx 6

Section 7 / D - Blackboys to Golden Cross

Directions 7 Directions D gpx 7

Section 8 / C - Golden Cross to Berwick Station

Directions 8 Directions C gpx 8

Section 9 / B - Berwick Station to Exceat Bridge

Directions 9 Directions B gpx 9

Section 10 / A - Exceat Bridge to Newhaven

Directions 10 Directions A gpx 10

A guide to the Flora, Fauna & Geology of the Vanguard Way             Flora, Fauna & Geology

If you have a subscription to on-line Ordnance Survey maps (even if only a 7 day trial) you can view the
sections of the Vanguard Way overlaid onto Explorer or Landranger maps:
Section 1 / K click here
Section 2 / J click here
Section 3 / H click here
Section 4 / G click here
Section 5 / F click here
Section 6 / E click here
Section 7 / D click here
Section 8 / C click here
Section 9 / B click here
Section 10 / A click here


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