The Vanguard Way

66 miles from the suburbs to the sea

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Updates to Route Description:

In many places the Route Description and this web site refer to the Ramblers' Association.  This is historically accurate, but the association is now styled simply as the Ramblers.

Route Descriptions

Section 1 (K)
K(1.7) a) (page 6)  [In the South-North Description.]  The pedestrian refuge just beyond the junction with Oaks Road may be used to cross the A212 when traffic is heavy.
K(1.12c) (page 5) (South to North). On reaching temporary council barrier, TL on Fp for a few metres to T-junction with metal post, where turn sharp R to another Fp junction and bear L to rejoin original route.

Section 2 (J)
J(2.6) b) (page 9)  [In the South-North Route Description.]  The owner of Warren Barn Farm has withdrawn permission to use the off-road chalk track, due to abuse of the arrangement by local residents, so you must now continue on to the road and follow the alternative route shown in italics. Please take care as this road has no pavement and can be busy at peak times.
J(2.9) (South to North, page10).  Link to station (para. b).  Ignore metal KG as described, but instead of going through wooden gate take permissive path in hedgerow beside lane for 85m then continue along narrow left-hand verge to motorway bridge.
Starting from station (para. f).  Immediately after double field-gate, take permissive path up to R.  (para. g)  Ignore references to gates, then at end of permissive path in hedgerow beside lane, climb steeply to rejoin VGW

Section 3 (H)
If walking from South to North, in Section H the following replaces (a) to (d) in paragraph H(3.3) [TQ 435 501] (pages 6 & 7):
a)  TL along Rd for 160m passing Hurst Farm.  (As the road bears R you rejoin the line of the Roman road.)
b)  As Rd bears L KA through new gate and follow field edge for 40m to second new gate.  (You are now continuing to follow the line of the Roman road.)
c)  Go through gate into large field and turn L along wooden fence for 80m and then bear R with field edge for 100m.
d)  Cross Kent Brook on FB with stile at each end.

Section 4 (G)
G(4.6/4.5) (South to North) - The links with the Wheatsheaf pub and Lingfield Station have been replaced by a new link to pubs in Dormansland and Dormans Station, fully described in the revised route instructions which are now available on this website.
G(5.1a) page 4 (South to North) - The Foresters Arms pub is now permanently closed.
G(4.10)  (South to North) - The White Horse Inn, Holtye Common has closed permanently.

Section 5 (F)
F(5.2e) page 7 (South to North) - The Foresters Arms pub is now permanently closed.  This section finishes (S-N) at the junction of B2110 Hartfield Road and Station Road.

Section 6 (E)
If walking from South to North take the following route:

Section E, pages 7 & 8
E(6.7)  TR on Rd (Chillies Lane) for 20m and cross over to gate onto path through wood.  Path turns R & L, and then cross FB and in 30m go through gate into field.  Go ahead uphill to follow line of single trees, gradually bearing R to KG.  Follow R hand edge of field and locate KG onto Perrymans Lane.  Take care on lane which twists L and then R.  After 100m bear R around wide metal gate and go ahead on wide Tk through Quarry Wood.  As Tk bends L note old iron ore and clay workings (see notice) and cross stile to go up along R hand edge of field to rejoin VGW at E(6.5) d) at fingerpost below steps.

Section 7 (D)
D(8.1) page 4 (South to North) - Link from Golden Cross pub.  The Golden Cross pub is now permanently closed.

Section 8 (C)
C(8.1) page 6 (South to North) - Link to Golden Cross pub.  The Golden Cross pub is now permanently closed.

Section 9 (B)
B(9.12e) page 6 (South to North) - Alfriston Youth Hostel has closed.

Section 10 (A)


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